Oops: Denver News Station Airs Photoshopped Paula Broadwell Book Title — ‘All Up In My Sn***h’

An astute observer saw in an irreverently photoshopped book title as it aired on a Denver ABC affiliate’s segment regarding the affair between Gen. David Patraeus and Paula Broadwell.

According to American Blog writer John Aravosis, a reader sent him a clip of the segment that showed Broadwell at an earlier speaking engagement  at the University of Denver and next to her was an image of her biography about Patraeus. The book title should have read “All In” but the image picked up by ABC 7 read “All Up In My Sn***h.” The words “up” and “my sn***h” had been added in.

This screenshot from the ABC 7 segment shows the photoshopped image of the book. (Image via American Blog)
This is the cover of Broadwell’s biography unaltered. (Image: Amazon.com)

The slang inserted into the title of the book is considered an extremely derogatory term for female genitals.

As Aravosis puts it, this is a lesson why you should “never grab images off of the Internet.”

Watch the segment with the wrong book title being aired:

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The ABC channel has since written about itself, saying that its own mistake has gone viral. ABC 7 stated that the reporter had accidentally grabbed the photoshopped image. The director of the station Jeff Harris called it a “regrettable and embarrassing error.”

“We are mortified this appeared during our 5 p.m. news broadcast,” Harris said.

The original story was corrected to prevent further uninformed spread of the wrong image.

Petraeus stepped down last week as the director of the CIA after he admitted to having an extramarital affair.

This story has been updated since its original posting.