Who Will Play the Main Characters if Petraeus Scandal Is Made Into a Movie? We Have the Funny Pics

TheBlaze just thought we would do Bravo channel a favor and cast the Petraeus scandal TV movie for them.  So here we go:


Willem Dafoe as General Petraeus

Photo Credit: hotflick.net/ Central Intelligence Agency

He can also play young soldier Petraeus! 

Photo Credit: teemix.aufeminin.com

And revenge Petraeus!

Photo Credit: hotflick.net


Rashida Jones as Paula Broadwell

Photo Credit: nextmovie.com/TheHuffingtonPost


Bryan Cranston as Gen. John Allen

Photo Credit:  Reuters/WashingtonPost.com

He looks good in a military uniform! 

Photo Credit: tvguide.com
Photo Credit: nextmovie.com

Or at the CIA even!

Photo Credit: nextmovie.com

Teresa Giudice as Jill Kelly


Photo Credit: BRAVOtv/foxnation.com


She can also help on the scene where everything falls apart

Photo Credit: Bravotv.com


 Kathy Bates as Mrs. Petraeus

Photo Credit: imdb.com/Alex Wong/Getty Images


Mystery shirtless FBI agent

Originally it was going to be Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino

Photo Credit: mtv.com


But now that we know his identity, we think the “observer” from the show “Fringe” is better:

AP Photo / Blastr.com


 Tom Wilkinson as Leon Panetta

Photo Credit: darkhorizons.com/ http://washingtonindependent.com


Glenn Close as Hillary Clinton

Photo Credit: The Atlantic/ Entertainment Weekly


Will Smith as President Obama

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Getty/ Inquisitr


Leslie Nielsen (may he rest in peace) as Joe Biden


Photo Credit: Washingtonpost.com/ Paramount Pictures


Photo Credit: Politico/ Paramount Pictures


Photo Credit: Theblaze.com/ Paramount Pictures


Photo Credit: Politico/ Paramount Pictures


Did we mention Teresa Giudice as Jill Kelly?


Photo Credit: Bravotv/ Chris O’Meara / AP Phoot 


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