Catholic Priest Tells Fox Hosts: ‘You Guys Look So Angry About This War on Christmas’

Fox News Channel

Catholic priest Father Jonathan Morris told the hosts of “Fox & Friends Weekend” that they looked “so angry about this ‘War on Christmas.'”

Morris, a Fox News analyst and frequent show guest, said he himself wasn’t “angry” even though he thinks it’s “silly” for “people to dedicate so much energy to try to get rid of Christmas scenes.”

“The good news is when Christianity has been persecuted, when it has been outlawed, when people have died for this faith, it hasn’t gone away,” Morris said Sunday. “And everybody has an opportunity to make sure that their faith does not go away in this Christmas season and to live that faith as a family, as a community.”

Calling it a “very small percentage of people who are working to try to get rid of these public expressions of faith,” Morris said people should speak up “but without losing the peace.”

“If our Christmas is going to be all about getting upset at people who are trying to take away our Christmas, isn’t that silly, too?”

Asked why it was an “affront” for some people to hear the words “Merry Christmas,” Morris said it would be an offense only “if we were saying as a country, as a government, in our courts, the only public expression of religion should be Christianity because most Americans are Christian.”

“That is not the American way, but the American way is not ‘let’s pretend that we are all the same and because we’re so sensitive we want to make sure that nobody has a public expression,'” he said.

Morris said the court have repeatedly said it is acceptable to display religious symbols based on a community’s tradition as long as you’re open to symbols of other religions.

“If there’s a small town in the United States that is 90 percent Muslim, they should have the right at their courthouse to have an expression of their Islamic faith, absolutely, for sure,” he said. “The courts have said as long as we’re not establishing one religion or another, the free exercise of religion – the other clause – needs to be protected, and that means allowing people to have public expressions of their belief.”

He added, “You guys look so angry about this War on Christmas, you guys — I can tell.”

(h/t Mediaite)