Samuel L. Jackson Demands Reporter Use N-Word in ‘Django Unchained’ Interview — And Refuses to Answer Question When Interviewer Won’t

Samuel L. Jackson Django Unchained n word interview
Image source: YouTube

Samuel L. Jackson refused to answer a question about the abundant use of the n-word in his new film “Django Unchained” because the interviewer wouldn’t say the full word.

“There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding the usage of the n-word in this movie,” interviewer Jake Hamilton asked the actor in a December interview about the Quentin Tarantino film.

“‘No’? ‘Nobody’? ‘None’? The word would be..?” Jackson asked, feigning ignorance.

“I don’t want to say it,” Hamilton said.

“Why not?” Jackson asked.

“I don’t like to say it,” Hamilton said.

A lighthearted back-and-forth ensued as Jackson tried to compel Hamilton to say the word.

“We’re not going to have this conversation unless you say it,” Jackson said. When Hamilton agreed to move on, Jackson burst out laughing.

“I don’t, I don’t like to say it,” Hamilton said. “Will you say it?”

“No, f–k no,” Jackson said. “It’s not the same thing.”

Hamilton said he wasn’t saying the word, which was too bad because “it was a good question.”

“It wasn’t a great question if you can’t say the word,” Jackson said.

Watch below — relevant portion begins at the 13:56 mark:

(h/t Gawker)