NBC Chief Warns Trump Over Political Statements: If He Crosses a Line or Becomes ‘Somehow Hurtful,’ We May Take Action

Donald Trump appears at a news conference after the 2012 Miss Universe Pageant at PH Live at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on December 19, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo: Getty Images)

Business mogul Donald Trump has grown increasingly vocal in recent years about his political inclinations, appearing as a frequent panelist on Fox News and often weighing in on the most pressing issues on Twitter.

Critics have not appreciated Trump’s continued criticism of the Obama administration, in particular, with some even calling for his show, “The Apprentice,” to be yanked off NBC.

NBC chief Bob Greenblatt is addressing those criticisms, essentially saying Trump is safe for now but has been put on notice.

Politico relates:

A top NBC exec says officials talked him out of running for president but that if Trump were to “cross a line,” they’d reevaluate his standing with the network.

“I don’t think what he’s doing in his personal life is going to corrupt what is happening on the show,” NBC entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt said at a critics panel, according to Entertainment Weekly on Sunday.

He continued: “That said, if he becomes somehow hurtful or says or does things that cross a line, we would figure out what to do about that.”

Trump recently switched gears and blasted Republicans for their handling of the “fiscal cliff” deal, saying they held “all the cards” and are the “worst” negotiators he’s ever seen, Politico adds.

“I’m so disappointed in their negotiating ability and what happened recently,” he said on Fox.  “They could’ve wrapped up a big, beautiful package that would’ve been great for the country, but they didn’t choose to do it. Instead they’re going step-by-step and losing every step of the way…The Republicans are being eaten alive, step by step.”