Conan O’Brien’s Take on Alex Jones’ CNN Appearance Might Be Even More Entertaining Than the Actual Interview

In case you missed it,’s Alex Jones appeared on CNN to debate gun control with Piers Morgan Monday night. To put it mildly, Jones lost his composure and has been subjected to good bit of ridicule ever since.

The wild interview caught the attention of late night TV host Conan O’Brien, who, with the help of his comedy team, put together his own take on Jones’ rant. The comedy sketch shows Jones wielding a handgun, firing shots passionately as he screams at Morgan, warning him against attempting to take Americans’ guns.


“I thought Piers handled it [well], he was very calm,” O’Brien joked.

Obviously, Jones didn’t actually have a gun during his interview on CNN — that’s why it’s funny. To be fair, Conan doesn’t seem to take a side in the gun control debate, he simply pokes fun at a bizarre exchange that has been dominating headlines ever since it occurred.

Watch the clip courtesy of TBS below: