Poll: Where Do You Stand On Guns, Gun Rights, And The Second Amendment?

Almost anywhere in America, the topic of guns (gun ownership, gun control and the Second Amendment) will always inspire a spirited discussion.

President Obama, most Democrats and many in the media claim that a majority of Americans are demanding immediate and significant changes to our nation’s gun laws. With all of this attention focused on the issue, there is a belief among many that the average American’s access to firearms could undergo serious change in the very near future.

We would like to know exactly how you feel about guns, gun ownership, gun control, and the Second Amendment. We invite you to participate in several ways:

  • Take our poll on the topic (You can even suggest a question of your own. Questions must be answered either “yes/no/I don’t care”)
  • Add your comments below
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We will post a summary of the poll results on Friday.

Where Do You Stand On The 2nd Amendment?