Comedian Chris Rock’s Gun Control Plan: ‘You Should Have to Have a Mortgage to Buy a Gun’

Comedian Chris Rock performs during ’12-12-12 The Concert For Sandy Relief’ December 12, 2012 at Madison Square Garden in New York. Credit: AFP/Getty Images

With the topic of gun control dominating the news, comedian Chris Rock has put forth his own proposal. He thinks only Americans who have mortgages should be able to buy guns.

“The gun lobby always says, well, people need the right to protect their property,” Rock told TheWrap. “Every mass shooting is done by a guy who lives with his mother. I honestly believe you should have to have a mortgage to buy a gun. No one with a mortgage has ever gone on a killing spree.”

He continued: “A mortgage is a real background check…And you know if you go to jail for 30 years you still have to pay your f**king mortgage.”

It’s not the first time the comedian has suggested that mass shooting suspects tend not to be property owners. At the Television Critics Association winter press tour Wednesday, Rock reportedly confirmed that he really believes a mortgage should be a requirement for gun ownership. In other words, at least according to TheWrap, Rock wasn’t joking.

Several years ago, Rock also joked gun deaths would go down if bullets cost $5,000, because no one could afford them. Here’s Rock talking about “bullet control” (Warning! Graphic language):

Featured image via AP