Dutch Politician Has a Plan to Save the Planet: Pee in The Shower

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So it’s Friday. Here’s some hard-hitting journalism for you (via DutchNews.nl):

A council official in the Drenthe municipality of Aa en Hunze is recommending people pee while having a shower in order to save water and cash.

The council has launched a project in 2013 to increase sustainability and saving water is an integral part of the mission, the AD reports on Wednesday.

Urinating while under the show[er] ‘saves lots of clean water and is good for the environment,’ Bert Wassink is quoted as saying. ‘If you combine showers and peeing, you save a lot of water and money, so why not?’

According to the AD, the average Dutch person uses 39 litres a day on showers and 36 litres flushing the toilet.

Wassink, who represents the left-wing green party GroenLinks, told the paper he already practises what he preaches.

Saving the planet, one shower at a time.

You know, between Al Roker admitting he pooped his pants in the White House, the discovery of Jack Lew’s baby scrawl signature, and Bert Wassink peeing in the shower, it looks like we have somehow reverted back to the 2nd grade this week.

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