‘Paranoid, Sick, Twisted’: MSNBC’s Scarborough Unleashes on NRA, Gun Makers & Survivalists in Fiery Diatribe

Photo Credit: MSNBC

Gun control continues to dominate discussions about U.S. domestic policy, as talking heads and politicians, alike, regularly sound off about the monumentally-divisive issue. Among those making his voice heard on the matter is former GOP congressman and MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, who recently noted that his former views on guns have been forever altered by what unfolded at Sandy Hook.

Building on his proclamation that he has become less favorable toward the availability of certain firearms, the “Morning Joe” host followed up this morning with an attack on the National Rifle Association (NRA), gun manufacturers and survivalists  While discussing the prominent gun organization, Scarborough accused the group of telling untruths in an effort to spawn fear.

The host said that the NRA is playing upon peoples’ fears in an effort to create angst and bolster its members’ profits and standing. In making his points, Scarborough said that Republicans need to pick their fights more wisely, especially when it comes to gun regulations.

“This is not, for the NRA, about Second Amendment rights,” Scarborough said, going on to issue the following diatribe (as per Mediaite):

“This is about gun manufacturers making millions and millions and millions of dollars. This is about retailers making millions and millions and millions of dollars. Do you know how much money these people have made over the slaughter of 20 innocents in Newtown? Do you know how much richer these rich gun manufacturers have gotten over the past month, and how the NRA uses that tragedy to gin up fears, and websites use that tragedy to gin up fears that they’re coming to take your guns away?”

As for survivalist Americans who believe that the government is intent on taking and confiscating weapons from the public, Scarborough dismissed their take on the issue as a “paranoid, sick, twisted view.”

Watch his controversial comments, below:

(H/T: Mediaite)