Are UFOs Frequenting a South Texas Drilling Site? Workers Claim These Pictures Say Yes

There’s a buzz among the workers at a drilling site in southern Texas that they might not alone. Eyewitness reports and footage taken by both workers and security cameras seem to capture what can at this point only be described as unidentified lights in the sky.

The San Antonio Express-News reported the workers at the Eagle Ford Shale for several nights in a row in October saw the lights and that a security camera’s footage from a few months earlier, albeit blurry and black and white, shows a disc-shaped object near another well site.

This image from the oil site’s security camera was sent to the Mutual UFO Network for investigation. (Image via San Antonio News-Express)

Here’s the accounts of a few witnesses:

“We all know what the lights from a plane or a helicopter look like,” said Rene Cantu, the oilfield worker who first sighted the orange lights. “This wasn’t a plane or a helicopter.”

“We sit on our back porch and watch planes go by every night,” said Jerry Farrell, a nearby rancher who saw the same lights as Cantu and his co-workers. “This was 12, 13, 14 lights, that were all spread out, flying all over the sky. And when they moved, it was at unbelievable speed, from horizon to horizon and back.”

Cantu was on a work break when he saw the lights. He yelled out to co-workers, who joined him watching the lights, which put on a 3-minute show, bouncing around the heavens like a celestial pinball machine.

The lights vanished for 25 minutes, then returned for another 3-minute show.

The stunned roughnecks wondered if they had been hallucinating. Then delivery trucks, which had been waiting down the road for their turn to approach the site, pulled up.

“The truck drivers were all, ‘Did you guys see those lights up there?’” Cantu said. “So it wasn’t just us.”

This image was taken by worker Xavier Graza with his cellphone of the October sighting. It reportedly shows unidentified lights in the sky. (Image via San Antonio News-Express)

The News-Express reported the sheriff’s office saying it didn’t receive any calls regarding the lights on these nights.

As for the image picked up by security cameras in July, the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), a volunteer group of UFO investigators, has looked into the claims and said that it has passed two of its authenticity tests, according to the News-Express.

“If it’s a prank,” MUFON investigator Charles Stansburge told the News-Express, “someone spent a lot of money to stage it. It’s not a doctored photo. It’s a 60-foot-diameter saucer that’s hovering.”

Adding to the story, MUFON was told by witnesses that the company owning the Eagle Ford Shale drilling site installed the security cameras in the first place because they noticed oil being siphoned from tanks.

The News-Express reported that MUFON’s investigation is still in its early stages. Stransburge said he doesn’t expect to find much since any physical evidence on the site could be long gone by now given the time that has elapsed since the image was taken.


(H/T: Daily Mail)