Did an NFL Player Line Up for the Wrong Team During Sunday’s Pro Bowl? Picture and Video

Jeff Saturday lines up for the AFC to snap the ball one last time to Peyton Manning. (Source: screen shot)

No your eyes aren’t fooling you: that’s a picture of Packers center Jeff Saturday playing for the opposite team during Sunday’s NFL Pro Bowl in Hawaii. But before you burst out laughing, there’s actually a logical and touching explanation.

Saturday, retiring at the end of this season, played for both teams lined up on one play for the AFC to snap the ball one last time to Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, his longtime former Colts teammate.

Saturday said it meant a lot to him that the Broncos quarterback, whom Saturday called a true friend, orchestrated the stunt.

“He’s got a little more pull than I got,” Saturday said. “He got it all set up and timed up for me, so it was really nice of him to do that.”

You can watch the gesture below:

Saturday played 13 seasons in Indianapolis, all with Manning – except 2011, when Manning was out with a neck injury. He signed with the Packers for his final season and on Saturday played later in the game for the NFC, snapping to Peyton’s brother, Giants quarterback Eli Manning.

Saturday’s last play on the field was a passing touchdown by Eli Manning.

Peyton Manning said it was nice for the NFL to allow the play to happen.

“It’s something that I’ll always remember,” he said, “that he’ll always remember to kind of get that one, final snap together after the thousands that we’ve taken together.”

​The Associated Press contributed to this report.