President Obama Jokes About His Nobel Peace Prize: ‘What Did I Win Mine For Again?’

President Obama apparently has at least some capacity to laugh at himself. In video taped remarks last night to the closed door, hyper-exclusive annual dinner of the Alfalfa Club, President Obama let loose a joke that apparently got the entire room chortling. The Washington Post reports:

And President Obama sent a comic video message congratulating the night’s honoree, with whom he said he had a lot in common. Kissinger won the Nobel Peace Price for negotiating an end to the Vietnam War; “and I won mine for. . . ”

He looked off camera. “What did I win mine for?”

For those wondering why the topic of dubiously deserved prizes came up at all: The Alfalfa Club had honored Nobel Prize-winning former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger at the event, naming him their mock “nominee” for President. One presumes the President felt it would be awkward not to acknowledge Kissinger’s achievement somehow, even if he did end up making it about him.

By the way, this isn’t the first time the president has poked fun at his controversial award. Back in May 2011 while praising Energy Secretary Steven Chu, Obama joked, “Chu’s the right guy to do this, he’s got a Nobel prize in physics — he actually deserved his Nobel prize.” You can watch those below: