What This Inmate Did After He Found a Trooper’s Lost, Loaded Gun Could Pay Dividends

Inmate Tommie Bryant discusses how he found a loaded gun in the Russell County High School gymnasium(Photo: WKYT)

Kentucky State Police trooper Billy Gregory was attending a basketball game at the Russell County High School last week when he made a small decision that could’ve resulted in disaster.

When he sat down, he took his gun and badge out of his pocket and put them on the bleachers behind him.  When he left, he forgot to grab them.

Not only did a student not find the objects, an inmate on a work release program found them, and turned them in immediately.

What are the odds?

Tommie Bryant was cleaning up after the game when he found the weapon, and says he immediately called for the school guard.

“I was surprised. I was scared,” Bryant commented Tuesday from inside the Russell County Jail, according to WKYT.  “Knowing that kids were just there, and kids could be coming back the next day at school…”

Kentucky State Police trooper Billy Gregory forgot his loaded gun at a school gymnasium. (Photo: WKYT)

Parents aren’t altogether pleased, though they’re happy the inmate chose to return the gun to the proper authorities.

“I have a granddaughter that was at the game that night,” school board member Gerald Murray told LEX18.  “Somebody could have kicked it.  It could have went off.  I’m glad nobody did.”

Bryant has served two years of a fifteen-year sentence for charges that include burglary and possession of a handgun, WKYT adds.

But the Russell County jailer says he plans to write a letter of commendation for Bryant in light of the incident, suggesting his term be reduced.  As is, Bryant is reportedly be eligible for parole in September.

“I no longer want to break the law.  My rehabilitation tells me to do the right thing,” Bryant claimed.

State police are investigating the incident and say they will do “due diligence” before taking any action against Gregory.

But at least one man is full of praise for Bryant.

“I’m glad we had a good, honest, decent inmate that found the gun,” Murray remarked.

Watch the WKYT interview with Bryant, below: