Report: Jesse Jackson Jr. Facing ‘Significant Jail Time’ in Plea Deal

Jesse Jackson Jr. depression treatment

Former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. is reportedly looking at “significant jail time” in federal prison as part of a plea deal in a federal criminal probe into alleged misuse of campaign dollars, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

The Illinois Democrat resigned his congressional seat in November after seeking prolonged treatment for mental illness and amid the backdrop of the investigation.

“Significant jail time is now definitely a part of the deal,” a source told the Sun-Times.

In another development, Jackson’s wife, Sandi Jackson, who resigned her Chicago city council seat last month, is facing her investigation and is reportedly feeling “like she was thrown under the bus.”

The Sun-Times reported earlier this week that the federal financial investigation into Rep. Jackson — including that he allegedly spent $40,000 in campaign funds on a Rolex watch — split into a separate probe of his wife, Sandi Jackson.

“I think [Jackson’s wife] Sandi, feels like she was thrown under the bus by her husband, ” another source told the newspaper.