Baldwin Source to TheBlaze on Actor’s Latest Controversial Remarks: ‘Nothing to Do With the Guy’s Race’

NEW YORK, NY – FEBRUARY 13: Alec Baldwin attends ‘SiriusXM’s Town Hall on February 13, 2013 in New York City. Credit: Getty Images for SiriusXM

A source close to actor Alec Baldwin says that the latest allegations of a race-fueled rant by the comedian aren’t fully accurate.

“He was saying some serious racist stuff,” G.N. Miller, a New York Post photographer and retired NYPD police officer, alleged in a story by the Post. According to the story, Baldwin called Miller a “coon” and “drug dealer” and grabbed reporter Tara Palmeri and told her, “I hope you choke to death.”

According to our source, Baldwin did say the last line, but the source made clear that he didn’t say “I will choke you to death” as some had previously suggested.

As for the exchange with Miller, the source said the remarks had “nothing to do with the guy’s race.”

Instead, the source alleged that Baldwin has a history of wishing ill on the paparazzi and reporters and specifically using the “choke” line.

“He’s said that before to paparazzi of various ethnic and racial backgrounds. That is something he says regularly to paparazzi because of they way they leach off of others.”

The incident is the latest in an ongoing saga between Baldwin and the press. In fact, on Sunday the Post published a story about a yoga student suing Baldwin’s wife who is also an instructor for an accident during one of her classes. That led Baldwin to respond via Twitter:

The exchange with the reporter and photographer took place when they showed up after that initial criticism, our source says