MSNBC Segment Actually Featured Panelists Telling Their Favorite Race Jokes: ‘Whitey Week’

MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry hosted an eyebrow-raising segment over the weekend on race. After discussing the dos and don’t of race-based comedy, the controversial host implored her panelists to share their favorite ethnic jokes.

“Give me your favorite race joke or your best punch line on it,” Harris Perry said.

The panel, which included “The Daily Show” creator Liz Winstead and comedian Dean Obeidallah, among others, complied and provided quips about white people, Jews and African Americans. Obeidallah started off with some Caucasian jokes.

“White people will be a minority in America by 2040 and there’s some white people freaking out and I tell them don’t — there’s some benefits,” the comedian said. “First, you get a month to celebrate your heritage. Like Black History Month, you’ll get a week like ‘Whitey Week’ — you know, in celebrations of white people, like badminton in Utah and racial profiling — and white women will finally be exotic.”

Obeidallah quipped that it’s fun to make fun of white people, as Harris-Perry responded with glee to his humor.

“That’s great. The white minority jokes,” she said through a smile. “It’s good — I like it.”

Then Winstead had her turn, uttering a joke about former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain.

“It would have been kind of fun to see Herman Cain as the presidential nominee, because there would have been mass suicides in the Klan,” the “Daily Show” co-creator said.

And that’s only a sampling. Watch the highlights, below:

You can see the segment in its entirety here:

Before the panel shared their jokes, they had a more serious discussion about the state of racial comedy. The subject of conversation was the appropriateness of these jokes and the view that some on the panel had that they are okay so long as they aren’t malicious in nature.

See this discussion: