3 Dead in Car-to-Car Shooting & Wreck on the Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas police investigate the site of what is being described as a gun battle between shooters in vehicles along the Las Vegas Strip early Thursday, Feb. 21, 2013. Gunshots were fired from a black SUV at a Maserati, causing the Maserati to crash into a taxi which then burst into flames. (Getty Images)

Three people were killed and at least six others injured after a “rolling gun battle” erupted between two cars on the famed Las Vegas Strip early Thursday morning.

Police said someone in a Range Rover opened fire on a Maserati at a stoplight, sending it crashing into a taxi which burst into flames. A total of five cars were involved in the ensuing auto wreck. The taxi’s driver, a passenger and the male driver of the Maserati were killed. The Maserati’s passenger was shot.

The attack occurred at about 4:20 a.m. at Las Vegas and Flamingo boulevards, near the Bellagio, Caesars Palace and Bally’s casinos.

“This doesn’t happen where we come from, not on this scale,” Mark Thompson, visiting from England with his wife, told the Associated Press. “We get stabbings, and gang violence, but this is like something out of a movie. Like `Die Hard’ or something.”

Police said the black Range Rover Sport with tinted windows fled the scene, and authorities were contacting authorities in three neighboring states.

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