WWE Villain ‘Iron Sheik’ Goes Ballistic on Glenn Beck: ‘You Deserve to Be Waist Deep in Dog S*** Drink Gasoline…’

The Iron Sheik attends Supercon 2010 on June 19, 2010 in Miami, Florida. (Photo: Getty Images)

After the WWE debuted its Tea Party-inspired characters “Jack Swagger” and his racist manager “Zeb Colter,” Glenn Beck took the wrestling organization to task for vilifying those who likely make up a large percentage of its audience.

After his on-air criticism, the WWE invited Beck to appear on “Raw.”

“Beck references WWE as ‘stupid wrestling people,’ when criticizing a recent WWE storyline involving WWE characters Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio™, Jack Swagger™ and Zeb Colter™,” they said in a statement Friday.  “WWE is giving Beck the opportunity to address our 14 million weekly viewers and our global fan base, as he believes we are offending our ‘conservative’ fans with this storyline.”

Beck’s response? “Unfortunately I am currently booked doing anything else.”

In the wake of Beck’s comments, former WWE super villain the “Iron Sheik” went absolutely ballistic on Twitter, tweeting at least seven graphic and violent messages to @glennbeck.

Here are all his related tweets, from oldest to newest (extreme content warning):

Many responders have added derogatory messages of their own, and the first tweet in the list has been retweeted nearly 500 times as of this article’s publication.

But as Twitchy notes, this is hardly the first time the professional wrestler has gone on a violent Twitter rant.  He has expressed similar scorn for Susan Rice, Mitt Romney, and John Sununu, among others.