Woodward Isn’t Alone: Former Clinton Aide (and Obama Supporter) Claims White House Threatened Over His Articles, Too

Journalist Bob Woodward’s war with the White House has been surprising to say the least. But now, just one day after the scandal broke, another person is coming forward with claims that an Obama administration official also issued threats over his editorial work.

Lanny Davis, formerly special counsel to President Bill Clinton, announced in a radio interview with WMAL this morning, that his critical articles led to a warning that was eerily similar to the one given to Woodward. This is particularly surprising, because Davis is apparently a supporter of President Barack Obama.

According to the former Clinton administration official, a column he wrote for The Washington Times attracted the administration’s attention and led to a threatening phone call with his former editor, John Solomon.

“The words, ‘You’re going to regret are threatening,'” he explained, in reference to Woodward’s story.

Former aide to President Bill Clinton Lanny Davis (Photo Credit: AP)

But it is what he said next that will likely shock some political observers.

“That exact thing happened to me — and I haven’t spoken of this before,” Davis continued. “When I had my column ‘Purple Nation’ originally in the Washington Times with the editor John Solomon…he received a phone call from a senior Obama White House official who didn’t like some of my columns.”

Davis recounted receiving a phone call from Solomon explaining the threat. It was apparently a strongly-worded rebuke, alleging that the Times’ credentials could be taken away if the columns were continued.

The former Clinton official declined to share the individual’s name who issued the purported threat and said that he didn’t know if it’s the same individual who e-mailed Woodward. But, he said that the language used was similar.

“The editor called me and said that there was an implication that if you don’t stop running Davis’ column, we’re not going to treat you so well — and the implication was we’ll even take away your credentials,” Davis explained.

Listen to these shocking claims, below:

Davis said he phoned three senior officials at the White House in the wake of the threat and he was later told that something like this would never happen again. However, the Woodward incident — especially if it’s the same person issuing these dire warnings — could prove this pledge was incorrectly uttered.