Can You Make Out Jesus’ Face in This Drop-Cloth?

These days, it’s not entirely uncommon to hear that Jesus’ image has been found in the most unlikeliest of places. On pieces of toast, windows and in other bizarre locations, the Christian figure’s likeness has purportedly appeared. Last week, though, a new location was added to the ever-growing list of apparitions, as Brian Krantz, a resident of Saugus, Mass., claims he found Christ’s face on a drop-cloth.

The alleged image of Jesus Christ on a drop-cloth (Credit: WHDH-TV)

In an interview with WHDH-TV, Krantz explained that he first used the cloth when he was painting his shutters four years ago. Then, he subsequently used it 50 or 60 additional times after that, before noticing what he believes could be a sign from God.

“My heart went a million miles an hour. I was hyperventilating,” he told the outlet. “I can’t deny this. This is what it is. It looks like Jesus Christ.”

KSNW-TV explains how Krantz came to find the purported image:

While at first it appeared to be your average, paint-splattered cloth, a closer look gave Krantz quite a shock, as he claims that he saw what appeared to be a crown or halo, two eyes, a mustache, nose, chin and jaw line.

He’s not sure what it means, but he and his girlfriend, Julie Anne Aloise, are planning to try and figure it out (and in the mean time, they plan to frame the image).

“I’m not sure why, but everybody needs some hope in life. And I hope that this is something that will give him hope,” said Aloise told WHDH-TV.


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