Crazy Road Rage Caught on Video: Motorist Opens Fire on Truck After Roadside Brawl

TheBlaze’s Jon Seidl contributed to this report.

Fists were flying and gun shots were ringing out on Sunday afternoon in Newport, North Carolina, as a physical altercation broke out during an intense road-rage clash. The violent incident left police searching for two of the individuals involved — later identified as Bradley and Christy Turner — who inevitably fled the scene after video showed them pulling a gun.

Here’s how the drama unfolded: Bradley and Christy’s vehicle was allegedly cut off by a pick-up truck. So, Bradley apparently followed the two young men he felt cut him off. Video picks up with an angry Bradley approaching the truck, shouting something, and then throwing a punch through the door. That’s when the two men in the truck jump out and and begin fighting back, beating Bradley wildly and throwing him to the ground.

As Bradley gets up and gets his bearings, Christy can be seen handing him a gun. He raises it at the men as they flee to their truck.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Watch the clip, below (caution: violence and language):

But that wasn’t the end of the bizarre incident. Officers say that Bradley fired several shots into the truck as the the men drove away.

Considering the chaos described in the aforementioned description and viewed in the clip, one might wonder how someone was able to capture it all on video. According to the WITN report, a passenger in the pickup truck is believed to have filmed the incident on a cell phone.

After Bradley and his wife, Christy, fled, the Carteret County Sheriff’s Office released the clip in hopes that the two would be found.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Inevitably, the husband and wife turned themselves into the Lenoir County Courthouse on Monday, as WITN reports, with the two later posting bond. While Bradley’s bond was $37,500, Christy’s was only $1,000.

The husband is charged with discharging a weapon into property, two counts of assault by pointing a gun, assault, injury to personal property and going armed to the terror of the people, the outlet reports.

Even if Bradley didn’t start the physical portion of the fight, bringing a gun into the match is certainly problematic. Unless one assumes that his or her life was in danger, firing shots when the offending party is merely throwing punches — and as the other party is fleeing — is tough to justify under the law.

Bradley is due to go before a judge on Wednesday.


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