NKorean Soldiers Shoot Cut-Outs of U.S. Troops in Disturbing New Propaganda Video

Tensions have certainly risen between North Korea and her enemies, as increasingly-troubling threats have led the U.S. Navy to send a guided-missile destroyer closer to country’s coast.

The decision comes as Leader Kim Jong-un has also intensified his attacks on America with newly-released footage that shows military personnel shooting at cut-outs of U.S. soldiers. The scenes appear to be part of a military target practice.

The Sun has more about the North Korean government’s latest effort to stoke controversy between itself and the U.S.:

The video from state TV emerged days after the country warned it was in a “state of war” with the South.

Soldiers can be seen letting off a volley of bullets at the targets which are left riddled with holes.

It’s the latest provocative film released by communist nation led by crackpot dictator Kim Jong-un.

Pyongyang has voiced anger over joint US-South Korean military drills south of the border.

Kim Jong-Un vowed to bolster its nuclear capability and described atomic weapons as “a national treasure”.

Watch a portion of the disturbing footage, below:


Obviously, North Korea’s behavior is nothing new, as it seemingly comes in cycles. While the White House said it is taking the new-found threats seriously, officials also noted that the East Asian country has a history of making such bold and troubling threats and assertions.

We’ll leave you with a CNN report documenting the new footage and what it means for the ongoing debate between South Korea, the U.S and North Korea:

(H/T: The Sun)