Are You Paying for Office Hours With Domestic Terrorists?

The Weather Underground was a radical far-left organization formed in 1969 with the goal of toppling the U.S. government. The group’s members were active through the 1970s in bombing banks and various government buildings, leading jailbreaks, inciting riots, committing arson, and attempting an armored car robbery that left two policemen and a security guard dead. Despite participating in over a decade of domestic terrorism, many of the Weather Underground’s members have been welcomed back to prestigious positions in academia.
Kathy Boudin, who spent 22 years in prison for her involvement in the deadly 1981 robbery, now holds an adjunct professorship at Columbia University and is being named the Sheinberg Scholar-in-Residence at NYU Law School. Bill Ayers, who co-founded the underground and faced federal riot and bombing-conspiracy charges, has been recently named a visiting scholar at Minnesota State University.
Andrew Wilkow opened up his show on TheBlaze TV Wednesday on this development, attempting to find an explanation for why American university presidents would ever welcome domestic terrorists into their institutions, and why parents would every pay such individuals to teach their kids. Watch a clip below: