Dan Rather: Obama’s Opponents Want to ‘Cut His Heart Out & Throw His Liver to the Dogs’

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Former CBS News anchor Dan Rather said Sunday that President Barack Obama’s opponents want to politically “cut his heart out and throw his liver to the dogs.”

Rather’s descriptive analysis came during “The Chris Matthews Show” on NBC. Obama has been on a so-called “charm offensive” to try to foster better relations with Republicans.

“All of these things we’ve said about what the president could do, should do, might have, could have, but the central thing to keep in mind is his opponents — you talk about taking them out to dinner, making nice with them — these people politically want to cut his heart out and throw his liver to the dogs. That does make it very, very difficult to come on nice to them,” Rather said.

“Yeah, it causes indigestion over dinner don’t you think?” Matthews cracked.

NewsBusters flagged the clip:

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