Dem. Congressman: Susan Rice’s Benghazi Talking Points ‘Absolutely’ False

Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-Mass.) on Sunday said the talking points United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice used in the wake of the Benghazi, Libya attack were “absolutely” altered and incorrect.

In the days following the assault, Rice said what happened was a response to protests in Cairo over an anti-Islam video. But as the Weekly Standard detailed, the Obama administration had been informed that Al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorists were involved in the attack. Rice’s talking points, however, contained no mention of Islamic extremists.

“Were the talking points the administration put out in advance of Susan Rice’s appearance on those Sunday shows, were those talking points scrubbed?” “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace asked Lynch.

“They certainly weren’t accurate,” Lynch said. “I don’t know what the process was there, but absolutely, they were false, they were wrong. There were no protests outside the Benghazi compound there, this was a deliberate and strategic attack on the consulate there.”

Lynch is a member of the House Oversight Committee, which will hold a much-anticipated hearing on Benghazi on Wednesday in which whistleblowers are expected to testify.

Editor’s note: This headline has been changed to indicate Lynch said Rice’s talking points were “absolutely” “false,” rather than Wallace’s word, “scrubbed.”

(h/t Drudge Report)