Dem. Strategist Calls Ted Cruz the ‘Most Talented and Fearless Republican Politician’ He’s Seen in Decades

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) speaks during the 2013 NRA Annual Meeting and Exhibits at the George R. Brown Convention Center on May 3, 2013 in Houston, Texas. (Photo: Getty Images)

Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R) was showered with praise today on ABC’s ​This Week, one Democrat strategist even calling him the “most talented and fearless Republican politician” he’s seen in 30 years.

James Carville remarked, with no scorn or irony apparent in his voice:

I think [Ted Cruz] is the most talented and fearless Republican politician I’ve seen in the last 30 years.  I further think that he’s going to run for president, and he is going to create something.  I’m not sitting here saying he’s going to win, and I think Senator DeMint is right [that he inspires people across the country].  I’ve listened to excerpts of his speech in South Carolina.  He touches every button, and this guy has no fear.  He just keeps plowing ahead.  And he is going to be something to watch.

And a lot of Republicans feel this way…and you hear this a lot: “If we only got someone who was articulate and was for what we were for, we’d win elections.  And we get these John McCains and these Mitt Romneys and these squishy guys that can’t do anything.”  Well, there’s one thing this guy is not — he ain’t squishy, not in the least.

The panel mentioned other rising stars in the Republican Party, like Senator Marco Rubio of Florida and Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, but Carville came back to Cruz.

If all the rising stars held a national debate, Carville asserted, Ted Cruz would “eat their lunch.”

“That guy, I’m telling you, he will out-debate,” Carville insisted.  “I am just saying, he is a talent…I’m not rooting.  I’m really sincere here…Now I don’t agree with him.  I think he’s out there.  But I’m telling you, he’s more talented than all of these other guys.”

Watch the entire segment courtesy of Newsbusters, below:

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