‘Audit This’: NFL Player’s Protest of the IRS May Shock You

Evan Mathis. (NFL via Getty Images)

We didn’t think it could happen, but it looks like the Internal Revenue Service has manged to make itself even ​more ​unpopular with Americans that it already was  — if that’s even possible.

For instance, Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman Evan Mathis on Wednesday decided to express his disgust for the fed agency by posting the following photo to his Instagram account:

Yes, that’s a picture of him “urinating” (we’re not sure if he’s really doing it) on the IRS building. And, yes, the picture is captioned, “audit this.”

Now, although we have a strong feeling he’ll be forced to offer a public apology (and may even face a fine), it doesn’t sound like he regrets a thing:

[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/EvanMathis69/statuses/334726637302214657″]


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(H/T: Mashable). Featured image screen grab.