White House Releases Benghazi Emails: See Them Here

Following weeks of repeated requests from members of Congress and the media, the Obama administration on Wednesday released 100 pages of emails pertaining to the Sept. 11, 2012, terrorist attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi Libya.

Among the major takeaways from the White House’s doc dump is the fact that CIA Deputy Director Michael Morrell is apparently responsible for editing the administration’s talking points (i.e. changed attack to “violent demonstration”).

From Steven Dennis, White House reporter for CQ Roll Call: “This is the key page – CIA Deputy Morrell’s hand-written edit of Benghazi talking points”

However, as POLITICO notes, the documents “also include a significant discrepancy in the process for drafting the document between the office of United Nation Ambassador Susan Rice and Morrell.”

Lastly, as you can tell from reading through the following .pdf file, the farthest back the released emails go is Sept. 14, 2012, three days after the actual attack on the consulate. So take from that what you will.

The emails have been redacted to protect confidential information:

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