The Tiny Trick-Shooting Toddler Returns With an Amazing New Video!

Remember little Titus Ashby? He’s the trick-shot toddler who took the country by storm in February. Well, now he is back with a dazzling new basketball shooting video.

The toddler’s first viral video generated 11 million clicks in three months, an included shots like this:

First video from Titus Ashby
Remember him? This is a screen shot from his first video.

Not long after his first video caught the attention of the country, Titus appeared on the “TODAY” show and Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night TV program.

On Thursday, Titus’s dad, Joseph Ashby sent us a link to his son’s latest video and shared the news that Titus will be making another appearance on an upcoming special to be broadcast on ABC during the NBA Finals.

The new video features some pretty amazing shots — long shots and trick shots that show just how Titus’ skills have developed:

2 1/2-year-old basketball trick-shooting toddler
Titus Ashby shows off more of his basketball shooting skills in this new video. Image: YouTube
Long shot for Titus

The video also includes a cameo appearance by an NCAA basketball coach who discusses the toddler’s chances at a basketball scholarship.


You can see more videos from Titus here, including the original:

And for a better understanding of the little guy and his family, be sure to check out Glenn Beck’s interview with the boy’s father earlier this year:

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