Nancy Pelosi Can’t Remember Promising This One Thing She Promised

It has been a long week for Democrat Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi.

How else do you explain her suddenly forgetting during a Thursday press conference that she promised in 2012 everyone would have “lower rates” because of Obamacare?

Recent reports show that health care premiums will sharply increase for Americans attempting to buy insurance in the individual market, contrary to what was promised by President Obama and Pelosi.

“I don’t remember saying that everybody in the country would have a lower premium,” she said said in response to a question from The Weekly Standard (at about 1:19):

But Pelosi most definitely promised Obamacare would lower everyone’s rate. Here she is making the promise during a July 1, 2012 appearance on “Meet the Press”:

Again, it must have been a long week for Rep. Pelosi. Thank God it’s Friday, right?


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