Exclusive: Get a First-Look at the Pro-Gun Documentary That Could Transform Americans’ Views on the Second Amendment

Last week, we brought you an interview with Kris Koenig, director of “Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire,” an upcoming documentary that supports the Second Amendment and delves into America’s ongoing gun debate. With the film coming to theaters on June 20, TheBlaze has two exclusive clips that provide a lens into its controversial and captivating contents.

The first exclusive video, an interview with gun expert and renowned Hollywood firearms supplier Mike Tristano, offers up some intriguing content. In the clip, Tristano decries the media’s coverage of gun control issues and accuses the press of “exploitative yellow journalism.”

“When I’m watching television and I see some reporter on there’s that’s saying that an assault weapon or any weapon that fires one of these high-power rounds is meant to kill and that’s all it’s used for — that’s not true at all,” he says. “And they just don’t know what they’re even talking about, but because they think it’s going to be good for their news program — and its exploitative yellow journalism.”

Watch this portion of “Assaulted,” below:

A second clip from the film focuses on Patricia Konie, a woman who had her pocket pistol forcibly seized by police in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. The Examiner provides a brief recap of her plight:

Konie did not want to leave her home and her pets, she was in an area left high and comparatively dry, she had plenty of food and water, and she had an old Colt double-action revolver, which she showed to the cops to demonstrate that she would be safe. What happened next left the firearms community furiously insisting that Konie was safe from everyone but the cops who body-slammed her to the floor of her own kitchen, then led her out of her home, both arms held by officers. Her gun was never recovered.

In the clip, Konie recaps the experience of having police enter her home. After being taken down by a cop, she suffered a broken tooth, a cracked shoulder and a black eye.

“And they’re asking me, ‘Aren’t you afraid of looters?,'” she recalls of her interaction when authorities arrived at her home. “I said, ‘Looters?’ I said, ‘I’m more afraid of you than I am looters.”

Watch this portion of the documentary, below:

Produced by Koenig’s Dead Patriot Films, “Assaulted” brings together some intriguing voices. Narrated by Ice-T, an actor and rapper who has a fascinating career and personal story, the film tackles one of the nation’s most divisive contemporary issues.

“Assaulted’s” official overview claims that viewers will experience, “An eye-opening look at the genesis of the Second Amendment to the Constitution, leading the audience to rethink the issues surrounding gun control, and the effect on civil rights and liberty.”

Koenig believes that gun rights are monumentally-important — much more so than they are given credit for by many on the American left.

“It’s as important as freedom of speech [and] as gay marriage and abortion issues,” he told TheBlaze of Second Amendment rights, going on to ask whether Americans are really willing to give up an important civil right for a false sense of safety.

For more about the documentary, read our recent interview with Koenig.

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