Astonishing Photos: ‘The Muslim Brotherhood Has Turned Cairo Into a Dystopia’

It’s one thing to hear and read about the deteriorating situation in Egypt under the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood — it’s another thing to actually see it.

While visiting Cairo in March 2013, Business Insider’s Robert Johnson talked to disillusioned Egyptians who say conditions are worse than ever. He also captured the scene in a number of stunning photos.

“Thugs often run the streets, crime rates have skyrocketed, and police feel they’re outgunned, faced with the flood of weapons filling Cairo’s streets,” Johnson writes. “Making matters worse, everything from utilities to gasoline is both more expensive and more difficult to acquire than it was before the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Johnson provides a rare up-close look at current-day Cairo under the Muslim Brotherhood:

“There are up to 50,000 homeless youths still roaming Cairo. Forced to steal and beg to survive, they significantly add to the crime problem.”

(Credit: Robert Johnson, Business Insider)

“This elderly man lies alone in a pile of trash. Social services have completely broken down.”

(Credit: Robert Johnson, Business Insider)

“Garbage collection in some areas is sporadic at best.”

(Credit: Robert Johnson, Business Insider)

“This man could do nothing when gangs came and broke the massive custom window in his family’s Cairo shop. Replacing it would cost more than he can afford.”

(Credit: Robert Johnson, Business Insider)

“Crudely-fashioned firearms are often cobbled together by metal workers, like this man, who earns extra income selling guns on the black market.”

(Credit: Robert Johnson, Business Insider)

Take a look at all of Johnson’s stunning photos for Business Insider, here.