‘Farewell to Arms Freedom’: 1,500 High-Capacity Gun Magazines Given Away at Colo. Fest Before Ban Takes Effect

About 3,000 enthusiastic gun-owners and gun-lovers gathered Saturday afternoon in a final act of protest against a new Colorado law outlawing the sale of high-capacity firearm magazines.

“You are in the Vatican of liberty, the Luxembourg of freedom,” said Glendale, Colo. Mayor Mike Dunfon at the start of the “Farewell to Arms Freedom” Festival, which was hosted by Free Colorado, a nonprofit group that advocates for firearms rights, the Denver Post said.

TheBlaze reported that Magpul Industries, one gun manufacturer planning to leave the state, planned to give away 1,500 30-round ammunition magazines at the festival before the ban goes into effect July 1.

That’s exactly what happened.

After a helicopter carrying the 1,500 30-round magazines landed nearby, boxes containing the gift wares were carried through a cheering crowd. (Credit: YouTube)

Dana Loesch, the event’s keynote speaker, arrived in a helicopter with the magazines.

“Coloradans need our help right now,” she said, noted KMGH-TV. “I also wanted to fist-bump Magpul. They don’t just make and sell products, they’ve gone all-in with this fight. They’ve filed suit and are fighting on behalf of all Americans to preserve our Second Amendment civil liberties.”

(Credit: Twitter via Twitchy)

As TheBlaze reported:

A number of gun control measures will go into effect July 1, including the magazine ban and expansive universal background checks. However, the law is not retroactive and allows gun owners to keep soon-to-be illegal high-capacity magazines if they were purchased legally before July 1.

In other words, every gun owner who gets a free 30-round magazine from Magpul is covered.

Hours before the event began, people lined up for more than half of a mile outside of Infinity Park, the Denver Post reported, adding that Magpul donated an additional 18,500 magazines to Free Colorado for the event for a discounted price, with all of the proceeds going to the group’s recall efforts against state Senate President John Morse and state Sen. Angela Giron.

Magpul, which claims it contributes roughly $85 million to Colorado’s economy and employs 200 people, reaffirmed its plan to leave Colorado on its Facebook page on Thursday, though Magpul hasn’t announced where it plans to relocate.

Fred Bell, 62, told the Denver Post that he came to the event mostly for the magazines, but added that it’s still important to show support for citizens’ constitutional rights and also complimented Magpul’s plan to leave Colorado.

“I really applaud them for moving out because it’s really going to effect state revenue,” Bell said.

Here’s footage of the actual “magazine drop”:

(H/T: Denver Post)