16 Pictures of the Coolest Items at the Impressive Man in the Moon Museum Tour

When you walk through the makeshift history museum at Glenn Beck’s Man in the Moon event, you run the risk of taking it for granted. Why? Because you’re likely used to treating it like every other museum you’ve ever been to: that is to say, traditionally a museum tour contains a few items of note sprinkled among droves of smaller, less relevant items. But not the Man in the Moon museum.

From William Bradford’s Mayflower Bible in the very beginning to the last letter written by Dr. Martin Luther King before his assassination, every step yields another piece of amazing history. TheBlaze has already shown you some of the items in a TV segment, so below we’ve included 16 pictures of some of the other items that will leave you in awe. There are locks of George Washington’s hair, the Bible of a king, and even original Woodstock tickets.