Martin Luther King III Suggests Boycotting Florida Orange Juice Over ‘Stand Your Ground’

The eldest son of Martin Luther King Jr. suggested a boycott of Florida orange juice in protest of the state’s so-called “stand your ground” law.

Photo credit: Flickr user MichaelB in Houston. Image used under Creative Commons license.

“We may have to look at not consuming Florida orange juice,” Martin Luther King III said at the NAACP’s national convention in Orlando this week. “The true way generally when people don’t understand your plight is when you decide to exercise your buying power elsewhere.”

King is not alone in his call to put the squeeze on the industry; according to Philadelphia Magazine, several hundred protesters rallying against George Zimmerman’s acquittal in Philadelphia’s Love Park over the weekend also called for boycott of Florida oranges.

The Florida Department of Citrus did not comment to media outlets.