A Look Inside the ‘Largest Survival and Preparedness’ Expo

If you had to prepare for a disaster — a disaster of any kind — what would you need?

This is exactly what the “Largest Survival and Preparedness EXPO in the USA” seeks to help visitors figure out.

preparedness expo
Preparedness expo hosted by USAPrepares.com. (Image: KOLR-TV video screenshot)

Over the weekend in Lebanon, Missouri, more than 60 exhibitors were on hand with workshops and demos to coach people on survival and preparedness, KOLR-TV reports.

“I would hope that they would become more aware so they can prepare,” Vincent Finelli, “Get Prepared Expo” coordinator, told KOLR.  “You know, preparedness is very simple.  It’s having what you need before you need it.  Prepare for everything whether it be a natural disaster or a man-made disaster.”

preparedness expo
A mask on display at the preparedness expo. (Image: KOLR-TV video screenshot)

Some of the hour-long seminars at the event included water treatment techniques, survival gardening, long-term meal planning, community building and more.

“This is a college survival education in one weekend,” a press release stated about the same expo hosted by USAPrepares.com in April.

Watch KOLR’s report about the expo:

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