Gospel Choir’s ‘Keep Yo Business Off Yo Facebook’ Song During What Appears to Be a Church Service Is an Instant ‘Classic’

Facebook. It’s place where people air  relationship woes , where pictures of nights before should never see the light of day and where best friends sometimes become enemies.

Although the social networking site has many positive uses keeping friends and families connected, it is unfortunately a place where even the most heinous of crimes are admitted.

So one church has a message for its congregation, taking form in a gospel song: “You need to keep your business off of Facebook.”

“The things that you say, you know they’re gonna find out about ’em anyway,” the male lead singer croons, during what appears to be an actual church service, before heading back to the refrain.

gospel facebook song
Members of the congregation eventually get into the catchy tune, swaying and clapping their hands. (Image via YouTube video screenshot)

“Those pictures that you post, you need to quit it because you’re doing the most,” another lyric went.

Then back to, “you need to keep your business off of Facebook.”

“Sunday you act like a saint, but your Facebook posts say you ain’t.”

Although posted in July, the video — “Keep Yo Business Off Yo Facebook” — is starting to get some viral attention now.

The video description calls it a “new christian classic about the pitfalls of hubris and lack of discretion in todays (sic) social media world.”

Watch the performance:

Who is now going to share this story on their Facebook?

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(H/T: Gawker)