Middle East Expert Erick Stakelbeck Warns: ‘There Is a Bullseye on the Back of Every Christian Living in Egypt’

Erick Stakelbeck, author of “The Brotherhood: America’s Next Great Enemy,” discussed the widespread attacks on Christians in Egypt in recent days on TheBlaze TV on Friday.

“Christians, in the birthplace of Christianity, are on the run,” he said.  “What we’re seeing right now in Egypt is literally a pogrom, where Christians are systematically being targeted.”

Things were bad under Mubarak he said, but “it has intensified to horrific new levels since the so-called Arab Spring broke out two and a half years ago.”

A picture taken on August 14, 2013, shows the facade of the Prince Tadros Coptic church after being torched by unknown assailants in the central Egyptian city of Minya. (Photo: AFP/Getty Images)

Stakelbeck tied the recent attacks on Christians to what happened to the country’s Jewish community in the 1930’s.

“In 1933 there were some 80,000 Jews in Egypt,” he said.  “Today, there are less than 100.”

How did that happen?  Stakelbeck explained: “In the mid to late 1930’s, the Muslim Brotherhood started to gain power and they closely collaborated with the Nazis.  The Brotherhood worked with Hitler’s war machine to extend the final solution from Europe to the Jews of the Middle East in North Africa…Today, they want to carry that over to the Christian population.”

He suggested the United States speak firmly on the issue, instead of “urging restraint on both sides,” as the administration did after roughly a dozen Christians were “mowed down in the streets of Cairo” in October of 2011.

“Right now there is a bullseye on the back of every Christian living in Egypt,” he warned.

Watch the entire interview, below:

Complimentary Clip from TheBlaze TV

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