Heart-Wrenching Video Shows Starving Dog Burying Her 11 Puppies After Man Knowingly Left Them to Die in His Yard

In an abhorrent case of animal cruelty, a Memphis man willingly starved his dog and sat by while her 11 puppies died in his driveway.

As heartbreaking as the sentence above is, it pales in comparison to the tragic scene caught on camera. A neighbor captured video of the starving dog burying her dead puppies in the yard.

Watch WREG-TV’s video report below (Warning: Very disturbing content):

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Migel Martinez was reportedly arrested on Wednesday night and charged with aggravated animal cruelty. His starving pit bull mix survived and was taken by animal control.

A neighbor says he tried for three days to get Martinez to take care of the animals, and even offered to take all of the dogs off his hands. The man reportedly laughed and promised to take care of it, but nothing changed.

The female dog did not have any food or water and was visibly malnourished, leaving her unable to give her puppies the milk they needed to survive.

Migel Martinez (WREG-TV)

The neighbor told WREG-TV that he called police after he watched the dog bury her last puppy. He recorded the heart-wrenching scene and gave the video to police.

“It was just sad, though, because she had a dog in her mouth and was looking for somewhere to put the dog and she was just digging a hole,” the neighbor said.

“The neighbor also called the Humane Society, but an animal cruelty investigator was not scheduled to check on the animals until sometime today,” the report adds.