A Young Adult Book Launch Said to Have Drawn Thousands…And It Wasn’t Harry Potter

The launch party for No. 1 international bestselling author Richard Paul Evans’ latest book, Michael Vey 3: Battle of the Ampere, drew thousands on Friday — a feat almost unheard of for a young adult book that isn’t “Harry Potter” or “Twilight.”

Set to be released on Tuesday and published by Mercury Ink — the book division of eight-time No. 1 New York Times bestselling author Glenn Beck’s multimedia production company, Mercury Radio Arts, Inc. — the Salt Lake City launch is estimated by those involved in the event to have drawn roughly 3,000 people.

The crowd at the party for Richard Paul Evans’ book, Michael Vey: Battle of the Ampere. (Photo: Richard Paul Evans)
The crowd at the party for Richard Paul Evans’ book, Michael Vey: Battle of the Ampere. (Photo: Richard Paul Evans)

“Even though we knew there is a growing crop of ‘Veyniacs,’ I think we were all a little surprised at the turnout,” author Richard Paul Evans told TheBlaze. “We weren’t sure what to expect, but when a line formed two hours before the show we knew something special was going to happen.”

“Even more incredible than the thousands of Michael Vey fans that turned out was the excitement among the crowd,” he added.  “At times they were so loud that you couldn’t hear the program. The day after the show I began hearing from parents, thanking us for giving their children such a remarkable day. One mother Facebooked that her son told her it was ‘the best day of his life.’  Two parents with autistic children said how grateful they were that their children had Michael Vey to hold on to.”

Fans of the book express of their excitement. (Photo: Richard Paul Evans)
Fans of the book express of their excitement (Photo: Richard Paul Evans)

The book marks the third in the electrifying series centering around Michael Vey, a teenage boy with special powers fighting to stop the Elgen from ruling the world.

Glenn Beck spoke about the book on his radio program Monday, saying his son was so excited about it that he caught him reading ahead to the end, when they were supposed to be reading it together.

Watch the official trailer for the book below:

The Michael Vey “quiz show” at the launch party was said to be a particular hit, leaving the announcer barely able to finish the question before excited young readers jump in to answer.

Photo: Richard Paul Evans

“Glenn was first interested in acquiring the Michael Vey series because he saw it as something incredibly unique: a first-rate adventure with great values and morals that kids would never see coming,” said Kevin Balfe, senior vice president of publishing at Mercury Radio Arts.

“I’m proud to say that now, three books into the series, Richard has surpassed everyone’s expectations. Kids, as evidenced by the success of the launch party, are rabid for all things Vey, and parents are continually amazed when they see their kids turn off the PlayStation in favor of a book.”

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