Sarah Palin: Fox News Should Reveal GOP Leaders Who Provided Opposition Research on Ted Cruz (and a Prominent Conservative Backs Her Up)

After “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace revealed that GOP leaders had contacted him with opposition research on Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) ahead of Cruz’ appearance on the show, at least a couple of conservatives opined Sunday that Wallace should reveal which Republicans dropped dime.

Sarah Palin, former Alaska governor and former GOP vice presidential nominee, was one of them:

(Credit: Twitter via Newsbusters)

Conservative radio host Mark Levin — whom Glenn Beck interviewed for the first time earlier this week — backed her up on Facebook:

(Credit: Facebook via Newsbusters)

All this comes on the heels of Palin’s scathing op-ed Saturday that calls out the Republican establishment for being “gutless and rudderless” in the face of the fight to defund Obamacare and urges lawmakers to get behind Cruz and others who are eschewing media popularity and voting against universal health care.

Palin wrapped it all up with an appearance on Fox News Sunday, in which she doubled down on her disdain for “GOP elephants that would actually turn on a senator who is fulfilling his campaign promises.”

(Credit: Fox News via YouTube)

After host Monica Crowley notes a few GOP lawmakers who’ve criticized Cruz, including McCain’s old running mate John McCain, Palin pulls no punches:

“We ask as an American people collectively that they not wave a white flag and just capitulate and give in to the liberals and to those who want this socialized program of health care coverage in our nation,” Palin says.

Here’s Palin on Fox News, via YouTube. The first five minutes of the interview contain the most relevant commentary:

(H/T: Newsbusters)