Who’s More Likely to Believe in Alien Life — Atheists or People Who Embrace God?

Atheists obviously reject the existence of a higher power and of “supernatural” religious sentiment — but are they open to the alleged presence of extraterrestrial life? The results of a new study may surprise you.

According to a poll conducted by Survata, a consumer research firm, 55 percent of atheists and agnostics surveyed said that they believe in alien life, as compared to only 32 percent of Christians.

This essentially means that non-believers are — at least according to this study — 76 percent more likely than Christians to believe that life exists outside of planet Earth.

Photo Credit: Survata

Of the religious groups surveyed, Christians were the least likely (32 percent) to answer affirmatively when asked, “Do you believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life?”

Thirty-six percent of Hindus, 37 percent of Jews and 44 percent of Muslims also answered “yes.”

Additionally, the polling firm analyzed a fascinating denominational breakdown of Christians. While Baptists (29 percent) and those selecting “other” (27 percent) were the least likely of Jesus-following cohorts to embrace the existence of alien life, Eastern Orthodox Americans were the most likely (41 percent).

On the whole, 37 percent of Americans surveyed answered affirmatively, as opposed to 21 percent who do not believe and 42 percent who remain uncertain. In sum, 5,886 Americans were asked about the existence of alien life.

Photo Credit: Survata

You can see the complete results for yourself. The survey was conducted online between Sep. 16-18.

The poll was deployed following evidence from NASA’s Curiosity rover that the ingredients to sustain life were once possibly present on Mars. And other researchers, too, have made similar claims about alien life in space.

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