Limbaugh’s Scathing Reaction to Obama’s ‘Dead Wrong’ Debt Ceiling Press Conference: Have We ‘Ever Had a More Dishonest President?’

“What he said just is not true.”

US President Barack Obama speaks during a press conference in the Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House in Washington, DC, on October 8, 2013, as the crisis over a US government shutdown and debt ceiling standoff deepens. Credit: AFP/Getty Images

That was Rush Limbaugh’s instantaneous reaction to President Obama’s Tuesday afternoon press conference where he continued to chide Republicans for the government shutdown and ramped up anti-GOP rhetoric as it pertains the debt limit fight.

“From start to finish what he said about the debt limit is not true,” Limbaugh said, sounding almost disgusted. He also used the term “over the top.”

“Someone has to go to the microphone and correct this a-sap,” he added. “What he just said about the debt limit, is– well I don’t know how to characterize it. It was dead wrong.” Later, he said he’s “lying” but then backed off.

Limbaugh’s issue? He says it’s wrong to think that if we don’t raise the debt limit the U.S. will default on it’s bills.

“It’s not even possible, folks,” he said, before explaining that the government collects enough revenue to pay our bills, which he characterized as paying the interest on our debt.

“I’m asking myself if we have ever had … a more dishonest president,” he added.

The only way we will default is if Obama refuses to follow the law, which … could happen,” Limbaugh said, citing the way Obamacare has been handled.

“I can’t tell you how bad this is. It’s beyond my ability without raising my voice and shouting. … I think it’s clear you’re not scared enough and so he’s out there really trying to scare you.”

Listen to the instant reaction — and Limbaugh’s explanation of the debt limit — below via Daily Rushbo: