‘I Played Football for 12 Years and I’ve Never Seen This Done’: Watch the Video That Sparked the Comment

Punt blocks at any level are somewhat rare to see in football. However, a player ripping the football away from the punter’s foot before it’s even in the air and returning it for a touchdown is ridiculously rare.

Darius McClain, a defensive back for Monrovia High (Monrovia, Calif.), somehow pulled that off during his team’s blowout victory against La Canada High last week. The final score was 77-0. McClain was credited with a blocked punt return for a touchdown, but it was actually cooler than that.

One of the factors that allowed McClain to make the amazing play was a high, hanging snap. But as one YouTube commenter notes, “I played football for 12 years and I’ve never seen this done.”

Watch the video below:

Yahoo! Sports has more:

As you can see int he remarkable video above, McClain caught a punt direct off the foot of La Canada’s punter before it even took full flight, then cruised into the end zone like it was no big deal before celebrating wildly with his teammates. It is undoubtedly the most impressive punt block touchdown of the season.

While the return is buried as a 7-yard touchdown return in official stats, it will surely always stand out with Monrovia fans, who are enjoying an impressive 7-1 season. It also set the standard for Monrovia’s one-sided victory early in the first quarter.