School Bullies’ Unthinkable Attack on 8-Year-Old Girl: ‘I Just Started to Cry’

An 8-year-old girl was left scalped after being terrorized by bullies at an elementary school in Georgia, her family says.

The girl’s grandmother, Dorris Bearden, told WSB-TV that bullies pulled the girl’s hair so hard that a piece of Aolani Dunbar’s scalp was torn off leaving a gaping wound.

Doctors say the girl may never grow hair in that part of her scalp again and she may need skin grafts, according to Bearden.

8-year-old Aolani Dunbar’s peers pulled her hair so hard they ripped off a piece of her scalp. (Image Source: WSB-TV)

Bearden said her granddaughter became the subject of her peers’ ire after she had come to school wearing hair extensions. Dunbar had wanted long hair so she could brush it like the other girls.

“She steps in the door of that school and the first thing they do is attack her and start ripping her hair out,” said Bearden.

According to the third grader, “everybody” had the opportunity to pull on her hair.

“They kept pulling it and pulling it, especially on the playground,” Dunbar told WSB-TV. “Everybody got a chance, and I was in the gazebo sitting there crying because I have no friends to play with that will protect me.”

Bearden said she sobbed when she discovered what had happened to her granddaughter.

“When I saw just the horror of it, I just started to cry,” said Bearden. “I cried as I unbraided her hair and the hair fell out in my hands.”

Watch a local news clip, courtesy of WSB-TV:

Now Dunbar’s family has shaved their heads off to show support for the little girl.

“It’s not only a temporary effect,” said Bearden. “It’s something that could scar for life.”


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