Sheik Gleefully Smashes Statue of the Virgin Mary in Syria: ‘Allah Alone Will Be Worshipped…’

Sheik Omar Raghba was caught on video gleefully smashing a statue of the Virgin Mary in the Yakubiya village of Syria, according to the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

In video posted on the Internet on October 23, Raghba remarked with a smile: “Allah willing, Allah alone will be worshiped in the Levant, which will be ruled only by the law of Allah. The idols will be worshiped no more in the Levant, Allah willing.”

“We shall accept nothing but Allah, his religion, and the Sunnah of his prophet,” he continued.

And at that the man hurled the statue to the floor, where it was smashed to bits.

(Photo via MEMRI-TV)
(Photo via MEMRI-TV)

“Say ‘Allah akbar!'” the group urges as the sheik saunters away.

“Allah akbar,” he obliges with a wave.

Watch the complete video below, courtesy of MEMRI-TV:

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