Open Carry Advocates Arrested After Protest at Texas Capitol

Two open carry gun advocates were arrested in Austin outside a Veterans Day event Monday.

Open Carry Texas President C.J. Grisham was arrested for trespassing following an open carry protest at the Capitol. Jacob Cordova was arrested as well.

Grisham was arrested and charged with trespassing at the state Capitol. (Image source: KTBC-TV)

According to KTBC-TV, Grisham and other advocates were on the north side of the state’s Capitol building, while a veterans ceremony took place on the south side. The group has long been advocating for the right to openly carry handguns.

“I think the point should be made. What better day than today for us veterans to stick up for the rights we took an oath of office to protect,” A. J. Postell told KTBC.

Others disagreed.

“I don’t really agree with it, it’s today to honor us, veterans,” Iraq War veteran Lloyd Carroll told KTBC. “I’m a pro-Second Amendment. I’m all for gun rights, but I think there’s other ways around it, especially today is just not the day to be doing this.”

Some attendees of the open carry group had holstered antique pistols. An Open Carry Texas spokesperson told the local news station it was legal to openly carry such guns if they were made before 1899. A couple months ago, open carry gun advocates were arrested for carrying holstered black powder guns in public.

The group argues pre-1899 handguns are legal to be carried in the open. (Image source: KTBC-TV)

Grisham specifically carried a toy gun Monday.

It is unclear of Cordova was arrested for carrying an antique handgun or for trespassing, as Grisham was.

Others with similar handguns in the open were told if they didn’t leave, they were in violation of Capitol rules and they could face arrest.

Open Carry Texas recently came under fire from a moms against gun violence group after about 40 of its members met with firearms outside in a restaurant parking lot where the moms were meeting.