In The Marketplace: Putting Christ Back in Christmas

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“Holiday decorations show everyone that you celebrate the season. Now you can show them that you celebrate the reason!” — Kevin Austin, ChristWreath co-founder

Along with the annual festivities that come with the holidays, each year also seems to bring with it some new type of controversy about Christmas and its secularization. While the debates rage on, at least two American entrepreneurs will be quietly working to help Christians celebrate the part of Christmas that means the most to them: remembering the birth of Jesus Christ.

The ChristWreath combines the Christmas wreath with the symbol of the cross for a unique and meaningful holiday decoration.

Determined to exercise their constitutionally granted freedom of religion, Kevin and Patricia Austin have dedicated their lives to empowering Christians with new ways to express their religious beliefs during the Christmas season. In what they call “a mission to bring Christ back into Christmas,” the Austins founded the First Christian Family Foundation and started producing a unique new Christmas wreath known as the ChristWreath.

“We have combined the cross—the universal symbol of Christ—and the Christmas wreath to affirm the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of the Christ child,” Kevin says.

It’s made of pine boughs and berries, but the ChristWreath is more than just a wreath.

“This new Christmas symbol becomes the reminder of what ‘the first Christian family’ brings to our lives,” Kevin says. With the ChristWreath, the Austins hope to help others be proud of their Christian faith and the good things it has brought to our nation and the world.

The ChristWreath measures 29 inches wide and 35 inches tall—the perfect size for displaying on a front door, exterior wall or even indoors—just like a regular wreath. The wreaths come real or artificially made. Each real wreath is handcrafted with fresh, fragrant Maine balsam and cedar, decorated with the choice of red or white handmade ribbons and clusters of berries.

Along with their passion about religious expression, the Austins have always been adamant about keeping their products American-made.

“Billions of dollars over the years have been sent to China to manufacture products for our Christian celebration. Why not keep all those dollars here?” Kevin says. “Since we were recently granted a design patent, we will keep China manufacturing out and the ChristWreath will be a made in the USA product.”

Being passionate about creating an empowering new symbol may have been enough for the Austins to create a small business, but that doesn’t mean it’s been easy.

“As with any new business, there have been problems faced and roadblocks overcome,” Kevin says. “When one door closed, another seemed to open and move us to the next step. I truly feel that He was leading us down a definite path.”

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