Homeless Man’s Story Featured in That Viral Makeover Video Has Less Than a Fairy Tale Ending

When TheBlaze featured the dramatic time-lapse transformation of a homeless man into a clean-cut looking businessman, Marge Palmerlee with a Grand Rapids, Mich., ministry emphasized that “an outward transformation is important, but an inward one is more important.”

jim wolf
Jim Wolf before his makeover led by Rob Bliss of Grand Rapids, Mich. (Image source: YouTube)
jim wolf
Wolf after he had been primped and preened in a video Bliss told TheBlaze was meant to show the potential in all human beings. (Image source: YouTube)

Jim Wolf, an Army veteran, was working on cleaning up the inner parts of his life, attending Alcoholics Anonymous and working on getting into his own apartment.

But MLive reported Wolf was arrested Sunday for trespassing and creating a disturbance at a local Burger King. Wolf pleaded guilty Monday to the misdemeanor charges.

jim wolf
Wolf after he was arrested Sunday. (Image source: Kent County Sheriff’s Department)

“Addiction and homelessness is a complex condition. It’s not solved as simply as the video might indicate,” Mel Trotter Ministries Director Diane Birtles told MLive.

If you missed the time-lapse video of Wolf’s makeover led by Rob Bliss, which has more than 15 million hits, check it out:

In a separate article shortly after Wolf’s makeover, MLive caught up with his sister who somewhat predicted that life going forward, despite the generous physical transformation, would not be a fairy tale for her brother.

“People would be remiss if they believed that,” Robin Thomas told MLive.

After the video shoot in September, MLive also reported Wolf had been arrested for disturbance, was fined $400 and had to spend a couple days in jail.